Earn $300 and Help Democracy!

The Board of Elections is looking for hundreds of students to be poll workers on Election Day, Nov. 2.

They’ll train you – AND PAY YOU.

$300. Each.

You get: 

$100 for successfully completing a training session here at York College on Friday, Oct. 22.

$200 for working on Election Day at a polling site.  

That’s $300.  

Poll workers open and close the poll site, assist voters and tally and report election results to the Board of Elections.

 And you get $300 for being part of the Election Day team. 

There are some rules: You have to be a registered voter living in the city. You must be enrolled in the Democratic or Republican party. You must be able to read and write English. 

And there’s a deadline. You have to apply by Wednesday, October 20. 

Go to Student Activities at 1E01 to fill out an application. 

Or download your application at http://www.cuny.edu/employment/student-jobs/jobs/poll-worker-initiative.html and bring to the Student Activities office.