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RobotIQK provides a safe playground for middle and high school (G6 – G12) students to learn about Robots, Drones, and AI, in the continually expanding varieties, diversities and related disruptive technologies. By learning, we mean guided as well as self-directed gaining and acquisition of experience, familiarity, knowledge, skills, mastery, and expertise.

The Summer 2019 session will run from July 8, 2019, to Aug 2, 2019, Monday to Friday, each day, from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Applications are closed for 2019.

YC Summer RobotIQ Program 2019 Orientation Presentation

2019 Orientation Presentation for YC Summer RobotIQ Program

Summer Student Application Form for K6-12 students RobotiQK

Use Adobe Acrobat Reader/Pro to fill out form, print and return to be considered in this program.

The Scratch Revolution

Using Scratch as a Visual Programming and Block-Based End-User Programming Language.

Robotiqk Header

Robotiqk Header

Robotics (and related technologies such as Drones, Smart Toys, IOT Devices, Smart Devices, Bots, Chatbots, Digital Voice Assistants) will be used by the students and coaches to explore  in depth topics such as the following:

  • Automation and Robotics Education | Automation and Robotics in Education
  • Future of Learning, Education, Teaching, Training, Instruction
  • Future of Self-Learning | Self-Improvement | Lifelong Learning
  • Future of STEM+Arts* | Disruptive STEM+Arts*
  • Future of Work
  • Future of Daily Living | Healthy Lifestyles | Instrumented Self
  • Human Cognition Augmentation
  • Human Physical Augmentation | Assistive Technology

As it expands, RobotIQ aims to expose its participants to several varieties of robotic technology. This diversity will include mobile robots, social robots, emotionally aware robots,  intelligent cognitive assistants, personal robots, domestic robots, household robots, physical robots, virtual robots, online robots, prostheses, exoskeletons, industrial and commercial robots, space exploration robots, etc.

Facility Organization

The RobotIQ facility is really a blend of Playground, Sandbox, Blackboard, Canvas, Dashboard, Craftshop, Workshop, Virtual Kitchen and Construction space.

The RobotIQ workspace is initially organized by verbs and verb clusters. Work areas, stations, zones, benches, all specialize to provide affordances to execute specific learning and other cognitive behaviors.

RobotIQ provides tools and resources with affordances to act to learn:

  • Explore, Discover, Experience, Awe, Wonder, Wander, Survey, Curiosity
  • Creativity, Innovation, Invention
  • Problem identification, generation, formulation, specification, understanding, discovery
  • Problem-solving: heuristics, methodologies, strategies, tactics, techniques
  • Problem solution discovery, implementation, execution, and embodiment
  • Problem solution application: grand challenges, environmental, ecological, social,  societal, community, family, individual, personal,
  • Design thinking, Systems thinking, Computational thinking

Students and coach-tutors, individually or in teams, collaborative groups can choose to pursue any learning activity, in any learning style (or teaching activity, in any teaching style), with the only basic requirement that the activity is Mindful at all times. This means the participants are aware of why they are engaging in the activity (the purpose, reason, expected and anticipated results, outcomes, products, and by-products, and how they will know if, when and whether the expectations have been met or not).

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