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Academic Recovery/Student Support

Academic Recovery and Student Support provides helpful academic strategies, guidance and student support through guided conversation to assist all Cardinals Soar!

What is Academic Warning

At York College, a student will receive an academic warning whenever the GPA for a given semester is below 2.0, but the cumulative GPA is at or above the required minimum for satisfactory academic progress or a student in freshmen status who has attempted 12 credits or less earn at least a 1.5 average or attempted 13-24 credits and earn at least a 1.75 average. This warning alerts the student to potential difficulties and to potential loss of financial aid eligibility.

What is Academic Probation

At York College, you must maintain a minimum of a 2.0 GPA* (C average) to remain in Good Academic Standing.  Students whose GPA falls below 2.0 are considered within the guidelines for Academic Probation. 

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Academic Warning

Credits AttemptedMinimum Cumulative GPA (Index)
0 - 121.50
13 - 241.75

Academic Probation

Credits AttemptedMinimum Cumulative GPA (Index)

On Academic Warning/Academic Probation, What is next?

You have received communication that you have been placed on Academic Warning or Academic Probation. You must complete a mandatory seminar, attend two workshops, and meet with your assigned specialist. 

Academic Recovery Seminars

Seminar covers the following:

  • Academic Warning
  • Probation and Dismissal Policy
  • Potential Impact on Financial Aid
  • Calculating your GPA, Reviewing the Academic Calendar – Withdrawal, Incomplete Grades
  • Retroactive Withdrawals
  • Barriers/Tools for Academic Success 
  • Academic Recovery Resources

Academic Recovery Workshops

The academic recovery team understands there are various internal and external factors that contribute to the academic deficit currently being faced. Based on the completed intake survey, the recommendations for the mandatory workshops to be attended will be guided.

Academic Recovery Specialist

Students on academic warning or probation will be paired with an academic recovery specialist to discuss course progress and plan for the upcoming semester. This will assist the student in staying on track, achieving timely graduation, and obtaining access to all support resources.