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4 to Soar!

At York College, we will help you discover your:

Strengths – and optimize them

Opportunities – to seize the possibilities that abound

Aspirations – work on them and achieve your dreams

Results – soar across the graduation stage in four years!

Why 4 to Soar!

  • 12 credits/semester = full time for financial aid, but 30 credits/ year = on-time graduation.
  • 30 credits/year = increased eligibility for the full-tuition Excelsior Scholarship and maximizes NYS TAP awards, both limited to 8 semesters.
  • Students who graduate later may run out of financial aid and have to pay out of pocket.
  • At CUNY, it doesn’t cost more to take 15 vs. 12 credits.
  • Research shows that taking 15 vs. 12 credits = higher first- semester GPAs, retention, and graduation rates.
The Longer you stay, the more you pay. Jean Marie York 18. Need Help? See your advisor. York College