Public Safety a partner in NYC Emergency Management by Rafael Nunez — last modified Apr 24, 2017
York College Public Safety Department is now a member of NYC Emergency Management Partners in Preparedness program. NYCEM plans and prepares for emergencies, educates the public about preparedness, coordinates response and recovery, and collects and disseminates emergency information.

100% ID Check Campus Notification

Beginning Monday, April 20, all members of the York College community and visitors to the campus will be required to present a picture ID to gain entry to the campus. The 100% ID check will be in effect at the entrances to all buildings. If you are a student, a member of the faculty or staff, a valid York College ID will be required to gain access to the campus.

Please wear your college ID at all times while on campus, as doing so will help Public Safety Officers quickly and easily verify your identify as you move between buildings and around the grounds of the campus.  Public Safety Officers will be available at all entrances to help you should you need assistance during this transition.

Also beginning April 20th, IDs will be checked at the outdoor Public Safety booth located at the Guy R. Brewer entrance to the Academic Core.  IDs will no longer be checked at the indoor Public Safety booth located at the Guy R. Brewer entrance to the Academic Core.  Please be aware, however, that random ID checks may occasionally be conducted at that indoor location and that a 100% ID check may be reinstated if circumstances so warrant. 

Visitors to the campus will be required to present a valid picture ID and be required to sign-in upon entry to all buildings. Or, in the case of the Guy R. Brewer Boulevard entrance, at the outdoor Public Safety booth. 

I am pleased to inform you that also beginning April 20, the doors in the student cafeteria that lead to the outdoor plaza may be used to enter or re-enter the Academic Core.  In addition, the gate on the north side of the breezeway that connects the Academic Core to the “H” wing will be open, thus making it possible for you to enter the “H” wing directly from the Guy R. Brewer Boulevard entrance without first entering the Academic Core.  The exterior Public Safety booth will be staffed by two Public Safety Officers and will have the same operating hours as all other entrances to the campus.