Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Printing Services.

Questions & Answers

How long does it take to complete a copy request?

Three to five days for black and white. Five to seven days for color copies. Depending on the size of the job, the date submitted to printing, our workload and the status of the printing equipment, your request may take longer. If you have a concern about our turnaround time, please contact our office at ext. 2293. Please keep in mind that the turnaround time does not include weekends, holidays and non business hours.

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Does the Print Shop store any documents for future printing?

No. The Print Shop is not responsible for file storage and management. Our policy is to print your request and delete the file. If you need additional copies in the future, please resend the document as an attachment or provide us with a hard copy to work with.

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Can I request copy paper from the York College Print Shop?

No. The Print Shop does not provide any office supplies, including paper. Please utilize your department budget line to order office supplies. York College has standard white paper available for use in your department’s office copy machine. Please contact Receiving at ext 2117. You must fill out a requisition available in room LL-1F05.

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I ordered stationery and it’s not a full color document. Why?

We currently do not have the capability to reproduce letterhead and envelope in full color. The full color file created from Marketing is not what you will receive. Your choices are red or black ink. We will announce any technology upgrades that enhances our capabilities when future investments are made.

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What is the largest size poster that I can order?

Our full color poster printer has a maximum width of 42 inches. Maximum length is 72 inches. Trimming is available to 60 inches only.

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Will the York College Print Shop accept emergency same day request?

Yes. An emergency request is a courtesy that can be extended on a case by case basis. If time permits, we will make every effort to process your request

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The Print Shop is no longer open to 6pm. Why?

The City of New York now mandates that CUNY is required to pay for its own energy usage. In order to satisfy your demand needs, our machines need to stay on all day. To do our part to help reduce the college's total energy consumption, we have changed our normal business hours to 9AM-5PM Monday to Friday.

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I sent an e-mail, have you received it?

Yes. If you sent an e-mail to the correct address,, we did receive it. Often, we are too busy to give a courtesy confirmation call. However, if you need confirmation that we have recieved a job, please feel free to contact ext 2293. Our representatives are here to assist you.

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I ordered a job and would like to pick it up at Printing Services. Is this possible?

Yes. You have the option of a pick up at the print shop or a mail delivery by Mail Services. Please specify on your printing services requisition the option you have chosen. If you selected a mail delivery, please contact your department representative.

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