Professional Development / Training

York is an active training partner with the CUNY Office of Professional Development and Learning Management (PDLM). Information about trainings and professional development programs made available through the University or via the City-wide Training Program are shared with the College Community by email and on this page.

Inquiries about individual or small group professional development/training needs can be sent to Human Resources/Manager of Recruitment & Employee Development.

CUNY Professional Development Program Courses/Trainings

Registration for CUNY Professional Development courses and trainings is easy:

  • Employees must complete an OHRM Professional Development and Learning Management Office (PDLM) application form.
  • After completing the form, employees should obtain their supervisor's authorization and signature, and submit the form to the York College Human Resource Office. Please PRINT the form and submit the hard copy to HR.
  • All registration forms (after appropriate sign-off by HR) will be forwarded to the CUNY Professional Development Office for processing.
  • Employees always get an email confirmation directly from PDLM regarding their acceptance into a course.
  • The PDLM registration application can be obtained on the Human Resources website or from the CUNY website.

For detailed information about the variety of CUNY Professional Development Programs, visit the following link: 

You can check out the current Course Catalog.