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Centralized Receiving

All purchases are received by one centralized receiving department, which is located in the loading dock, room 1F05. Please call ext. 2117 for more information.

The College's official address must be utilized for all deliveries of goods purchased through an authorized purchase order utilizing College funds or for which reimbursement may be sought and such deliveries must be signed for by the Centralized Receiving Department.

All shipments will be logged in the computerized log maintained by the receiving department, called the "Arrival."  This system records the following information about each shipment.

  • The carrier, the time and date the package was received, the shipper, the receiver's name or department.

Once the packages are entered into the "Arrival" the information is then synchronized onto each "PALM".

  • The items are then disbursed to the proper departments, where an authorized individual from the department signs the receiving log (PALM), indicating receipt of item(s)
  • After all deliveries are made the PALM is synchronized to the computer, and the signatures are stored.
  • The signed receiving report and the package slip should be promptly forwarded to the business office for payment, which is located in room 1H12.

Important: An order for payment cannot be processed without a dated signed receiving report.