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How to Find a Purchase Order Number in CUNYfirst

Please note that Mozilla Firefox is the recommended browser for using CUNYfirst.


Purchase Order numbers are required when entering receipts in CUNYfirst.

  1. Log in to CUNYfirst
  2. Navigate to: Financials Supply Chain > eProcurement > Manage Requisitions.
  3. On this screen, delete the "Date From" field and click "Search."
  4. Find the requisition in the list, and then click the white triangle on the far left, next to the Requisition ID Number.
  5. The section will expand to display the request lifespan. If the requisition has become a Purchase Order, the Purchase Orders icon can be clicked to view the Purchase Order Inquiry screen.
  6. In the "PO information" section, the PO number, the date the Purchase Order was created and other information about the Purchase Order will be displayed.