FAFSA is Free - Beware of Scams

FAFSA is A Free Application so Please be Aware of Any Outside Agengies or Companies That Are Charging A Fee To File.

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York Email Accounts

The Financial Aid Office will no longer respond to non-York email addresses (ex. AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.). Emails will be sent to York College addresses only.

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What's Next

In order to be considered for the SEEK Program, all interested students must make an appointment with the SEEK Office in Room AC-1C08
  1. Make an appointment with the SEEK Counselor in Room 1C08
  2. Financial Aid money will be applied to your account in the order in which it is receive. First it is applied to cover your balance and any remaining will be mailed to you or deposited into your bank account if you sign up for direct deposit.
  3. Money to your account is disbursed according to our payroll calendar.  If you miss the date you’ll have to wait until the next pay period for that program.  View our Financial Aid Payroll Calendar
  4. You’ll earn financial aid as you attend your classes, hence withdrawing, skipping, dropping, not attending or failing courses will adversely affect your eligibility.