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Mentoring Program

Help us improve student learning and enrich student life at York College by getting involved.

YC Mentoring Program

The York College Mentoring Program serves as a resource to assist students with their academic and social adjustments to the college. The mentoring program is open to all enrolled students from all majors, especially incoming freshman and sophomores. You will be paired with an academically-successful upperclassman or faculty/staff member with similar interests as you, who want you to do your best at York.

Come and Experience the York College Mentoring Program
Benefits of becoming a Mentee

A mentee is...

A mentee is a student who receives advice, support, and encouragement from a successful upperclassman or faculty/staff member. The benefits from this unique interaction promotes students’ academic growth and development.

A mentor is...

A mentor is a role model and academically successful upper classman or faculty/staff member who is knowledgeable about York College and its many resources. Moreover, program mentors are committed to your academic and personal success.

Benefits of becoming a Mentee

  • Gain insight into YC campus life
  • Meet new people and get involved
  • Receive encouragement and support to stay focused on your studies

Benefits of becoming a Mentor

  • Gain leadership and service experience
  • Establish positive relationships with other faculty, staff and students
  • An opportunity to give back orientation, training & support

Orientation, Training & Support

Mentors have the opportunity to develop their organizational and interpersonal skills by planning and participating in a variety of events. Training is provided each semester on a variety of leadership topics such as diversity, communication, conflict resolution, goal-setting, and wellness to name a few.

Mentee-Mentor Agreement Form