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Advisory Board

York College First-Year Experience (FYE) Program Advisory Board


  • Michel A. Hodge, Executive Director for Enrollment Management
  • Jean Phelps, Director Office of Student Activities

    Advisory Board

    • Brunilda Almodvar, Director, Scholarship Center
    • Craigon Campbell, Assistant to the Director, Office of Institutional Research and Assessment
    • Peter Tighe, Chief Information Officer
    • Stephen Tyson, Director, Academic Achievement

    Ad Hoc Members

    • Jessica Cherry, Assistant Director of Athletics, Athletics
    • Phoebe Kirkham, Substitute Lecturer, English
    • Deborah Majerovitz, Professor, Psychology
    • Panayiotis Meleties, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
    • Christina Miller, Instructor, Library
    • Vadim Moldovan, Associate Professor, Social Work
    • Kay Neale, Lecturer, Cultural Diversity
    • Randy Punter, Senior Career Opportunity Specialist, Career Services
    • Heather Robinson, Assistant Professor, English
    • Ronald St. John, Director of Athletics and Facilities, Men's Basketball Head Coach, Health and Physical Education
    • Greg Vega, Director Service Delivery, Information Technology