Letter From The Provost

Letter From The Provost to the Freshman Reader Program Students

Dear York College Student,

On behalf of our faculty and staff I’d like to welcome you to York College.

Your education at York College begins with the book you have just received. Outcasts United is the story of refugee teenagers finding themselves through the power of soccer and the efforts of an extraordinary young woman.

The book is for you to read this summer in preparation for starting your college studies this Fall. This is your first assignment as a freshman at York College. The book will be required reading in some of your freshman classes, so it is important to read it before the semester begins.

The Freshman Reader program is designed to provide a shared academic experience for freshmen and the college community. Reading the same book will allow students to engage in a common intellectual dialogue with each other and their instructors.

Outcasts United will also be the center of a number of programs and special events designed to bring the book’s issues and ideas to life. Please use the Discussion Questions listed on the Outcasts United bookmark to help guide you through the critical topics of the book.

After reading the book, be sure to root for York’s championship soccer team, the Cardinals, this Fall semester.

I hope you see this book and the related activities as an opportunity to get a great start in your new role as a York College student.

Best wishes as you begin your educational journey!

Ivelaw Lloyd Griffith, Ph.D.
Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs