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Customer Service Task Force

The Task Force consisted of members of the College staff from a wide range of constituencies and departments.

The Task Force reviewed the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory report which documented the perception of students at York College from Spring 2013 to Spring 2015 across 11 categories.

The Task Force developed a strategy for immediate, mid and long-term actions to meet the new Customer Service standards.

What is Customer Service?

  • To effectively fulfill the needs of those who come to us for service
  • The provision of service to customers before, during and after the service
  • To assist and advise individuals who use its products or services
  • To ensure a quality experience that delivers results

How is Good Customer Service Delivered?

Customer Service attributes generally include:

  • Positive attitude
  • Attentive, friendly, sincere
  • Listens
  • Knowledgeable
  • Consistent
  • Provides answers in a timely fashion
  • Keeps customer informed
  • Communicates appropriately
  • Manages expectations, follows up accordingly

Soft Skills are the key to the effective delivery of customer service!

YORK CARES - Strategy

The following represents a plan to improve customer service on campus by using the following guidelines when interacting with students and staff:

  • Communicate - provide customers with timely and accurate information/policies/deadlines in advance and in writing on departmental websites. Provide the tools and information to do what is needed on their own (e.g., provide training, Help Workshops, maintain website, send News Blasts)
  • Address concerns - meet with customers, answer phones, return messages, update customers timely regarding the status of any concerns, be fair and flexible
  • Respond to issues- be proactive and help solve problems when they are presented as opposed to sending them to other offices. Respond to emails in a timely fashion (24-48 hours) and again on date of deliverable
  • Examine internal procedures - be open and interested in making improvements that will help the overall process and ultimately the customer
  • Smile - courtesy is contagious. Remember, students are our customers and we are each other's customers

Where To Go From Here?

The resources, authority, and personnel to implement the actions emerging from the Task Force have been provided.

An internal customer service implementation team has been assembled that includes staff and student representatives.

Events and actions that are planned include:

  • Training frontline staff members as well as supervisory/management staff (e.g. "How to Respond to Difficult People...", "Dynamic Customer Relations", Communication training, etc.)
  • Implementing a visit analytical tool in service offices to collect data and allow for student feedback (Admissions, Advisement, Bursar, Counseling, Financial Aid, Health Services, and Registrar)
  • Initiating the use of Nametags in essential service offices and several other initiatives.
  • Customer service kiosks
  • Charging stations. And more!

Any Comments or Suggestions?

York College provides and encourages all students, faculty and staff the ability to provide customer service comments electronically using this system, by clicking below. The comments could be in the form of feedback, questions or suggestions. Any response or actions required will be handled during normal business hours.

Customer Service Comments

Customer Service  Campaingn of 2017 -York Cares
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