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May 30, 2008 - Fridays @ first

The following is an update of the CUNYfirst Project. This contains information that we want shared with your campus team and interested parties. As we move toward General Ledger Go-Live, we suggest you share this with your Finance and Administration and Business Office staff.

General Ledger – Users Acceptance Testing

Next week, a core group of Subject Matter Experts begin a two-week test of the CUNYfirst General Ledger at the University Controller’s Office.  The goal is to see how it functions in a realistic setting using CUNY data.  This testing with CUNY professionals will ensure that the application meets our requirements.  Following this testing, users from around the university will continue testing in a “sandbox” setting – that means they can go on line (as they will when the processes are live) to see how the General Ledger performs in real work settings

General Ledger – Conversion

An important task underway is the conversion of CUNY financial data for use within the CUNYfirst General Ledger.  Staff from the Controller’s Office is working now to map data into the new CUNY Chart of Accounts for use when the General Ledger goes live.  The work is continuing.

General Ledger Training Begins Monday/ELM

Training for General Ledger end users begins Monday June 2 at the Borough Training Centers at Hostos CC (Bronx), Brooklyn College, Queens College and City College (Manhattan).  Three classes will be held – Introduction to CUNYfirst (Mondays), Chart Field Structure (Tuesdays) and Introduction to General Ledger (Wednesdays). End users were notified this week how to access the CUNYfirst Enterprise Learning Management system to sign in, change their password and register for these three classes.  Training for the General Ledger will be held throughout June.  A second phase of training will occur in August for staff to learn advance General Ledger skills in Interfaces, Reporting and Budgets.  In tandem with ELM registration, our Customer Relations Management system was working this week helping end users who needed Help Desk assistance from the Central Office Technology Support Center.

Human Relations Meeting

Human Relations Managers and HR professionals from around CUNY met today, May 30, to receive an update on the CUNYfirst Human Capital Management (HR) system and to learn the next steps as it moves toward its implementation.  In reviewing what CUNYfirst processes for filling positions, campus representatives were asked to begin thinking about how current HR processes will match CUNYfirst.  Vice-Chancellor Ginger Waters challenged the group to think about ways to change current processes that would make real changes on their campus.  One example is the time it takes to fill positions.  She suggested they look at what CUNYfirst processes could do to aid their desire to fill positions and still meet the exacting standards that are set for new hires or promotions.  This summer, the CUNYfirst HCM Team will hold sessions to analyze business processes with recommendations for next steps coming at the end of July.

Student Administration Update

Meetings continue next Tuesday and Wednesday, June 2 and 3, for professionals from CUNY Registrar and Bursar offices to look at current and future business processes.  These sessions allow attendees to see what CUNYfirst processes can do and apply that knowledge to what people do on the job now and how they’ll do it using CUNYfirst processes.

Today, members of our Campus Solutions (Student Administration) team were featured as part of the annual CUNY Financial Aid conference.  At the session, our team led a session to provide an update on the project and the implementation of applications for our Vanguard Colleges (Queens College and Queensborough CC) scheduled for early 2009.

Campus Executives Conference Call

CUNYfirst Campus Executives met via conference call on Friday May 30.  The agenda included an update on the status of the project, training update, raising awareness about the need for the HR directors to connect with their Campus Executives about organizational readiness, and a preview of the results of the 2008 CUNYfirst Community Survey.  There will be a meeting in mid-June to work on the General Ledger Post-Deployment Support checklist that will guide us on how to measure Go-Live success.  The meeting will also serve to guide campus teams on how to fill out the forms and provide a glossary for new terms.

Next Week – Leadership Meeting

Next Friday, June 6, Senior Vice-Chancellor and Project Sponsor Alan Dobrin will hold a conference on Leadership at Kingsborough Community College.  Among the invitees are members of the CUNYfirst Steering Committee and Campus Executives, Vice-Presidents of Administration and Finance (many of whom are Campus Executives) and other leaders from around the university. At the event, Dr. Alan Kraut of the Baruch Survey Research Unit will release results of the 2008 CUNYfirst Community Survey.

Coming Up – Change Management/Communication Meeting

The Community Survey results will also be the topic of discussion on June 19, at a joint meeting of Change Management and Communication Liaisons.  The meeting will be held at Hostos Community College.  Following the session, the CUNYfirst Training Team will hold a mock “training” for attendees to aid in their knowledge and to aid in communication