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May 23, 2008 - Fridays @ first

CUNYfirst Training Manager Adante Harvey conducted two well attended General Ledger Training Orientation sessions on Tuesday May 20 at John Jay College. Those sessions gave an overview of training activities for General Ledger end users throughout the university.

General Ledger – End User Training

CUNYfirst Training Manager Adante Harvey conducted two well attended General Ledger Training Orientation sessions on Tuesday May 20 at John Jay College.  Those sessions gave an overview of training activities for General Ledger end users throughout the university.  He explained that training will happen in two phases.  The first, beginning June 2, will focus on the basics of the CUNYfirst General Ledger and using the new Chart of Accounts.  End users will be required to attend three ninety-minute classes at our Borough Training Centers to acquire the skills needed to operate within CUNYfirst when the General Ledger becomes functional.  The second phase of GL training will begin in August, where users who have specific campus or office-defined roles will receive specific training on interfaces, budget and reports, based on their current office functions.

In both cases, users will schedule their classes through the CUNYfirst Enterprise Learning Management System.  In the next week, end users will receive their user name and password in separate emails for registration.

General Ledger – ELM Help Desk Support

The Central Office Technology Support Center will begin support of CUNYfirst applications Tuesday, May 27.  The Central Office Technology Support Center will support General Ledger users enrolling in courses through ELM (Enterprise Learning Management).   The Central Help Desk will support all users until Go-Live July 1. On that date, individual campus Help Desks will begin supporting their campus users.

Customer Relations Management (CRM) System Training – Help Desk

University Help Desk Manager Anna Finn and Oracle CRM Lead John Dickman conducted a training session Thursday May 22 for help desk personnel from all CUNY campuses.  The training will familiarize themselves with CRM system, help-desk business operation and customer service for our General Ledger end users.  Those trained will go back to their campuses to train their help desk colleagues.   When our CRM system is operational and in use around the university, it will allow us to have resolution for CUNYfirst issues not available within our other systems.  Training continues next week.

Student Administration – Student Records/Student Financials

Our CUNYfirst Campus Solutions (Student Administration) Team has begun its latest Fit/Gap sessions work for our Student Record and Student Financials processes.  As opposed to the sessions that occurred in 2007, where we were comparing CUNY to base PeopleSoft processes, these sessions will compare current CUNY business processes to how they might be different when our professionals use CUNYfirst.   Those sessions resume June 3 and 4.

University Team Meeting

Members of the CUNYfirst Core Team met with the University (Central) Office Liaison team which is led by Deborah Labadie, Director of Operations at the Central Office.  The University Office team is responsible for making sure the interests of all CUNY administrative personnel is represented at CUNYfirst sessions.  They will work with the CUNYfirst Core Team to ensure that communication about the project is distributed to Central Office staff to keep them updated about the Project in general, and when it affects their specific area.

Next Week – Human Resources

Our CUNYfirst Human Capital Management (Human Resources) liaisons will meet next Friday, May 30 to discuss upcoming work sessions.  From June 12-July 18, 2008 our HR Subject Matter Experts from all our campuses and the University Office will test various proposed concepts using current CUNY information.  During those sessions, we will also be developing the CUNY policies and procedures relating to HCM/TAM once CUNYfirst goes live.  Therefore, participation from the campuses is critical.  At the end of these working sessions, there will be detailed demonstration sessions for all HR personnel throughout CUNY..

Next Week – Campus Executives

CUNYfirst Campus Executives will participate in a conference call briefing on Friday May 30.  On the agenda is a Project status update, upcoming Project activities and campus tasks, and to review the planning for General Ledger Go Live and post-deployment support.

Summer Meetings

The CUNYfirst Project is in the process of working with our campus teams to schedule important work sessions in our various pillars – Finance, Student and Human Resources.  We will work with our campus communities to make sure we have optimum attendance from all our colleges and offices.  We will also respect the periods of time our professionals need to attend to important dates in the summer schedule and as we prepare for the Fall term.