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May 2, 2008 - Fridays @ first

This coming Wednesday, we will kick off the next round of testing of the new CUNYfirst General Ledger – Users Acceptance Testing. This is the phase where users of the General Ledger will really put it “through its paces”. We want to make sure the system meets our requirements.

General Ledger – Users Acceptance Testing

This coming Wednesday, we will kick off the next round of testing of the new CUNYfirst General Ledger – Users Acceptance Testing.  This is the phase where users of the General Ledger will really put it “through its paces”.  We want to make sure the system meets our requirements.  The Users  Acceptance Testing will follow the completion of the Systems and Integration Testing where the General Ledger was tested to ensure data from the systems that feed into it can be correctly received and processed and Performance Testing where we test the that the system is able to perform under the expected load after implementation.  The timeline below shows the phases of User Acceptance Testing, from construction of testing materials, confirming data, and execution and working in what is called the sandbox.  A sandbox is where users are in an environment that simulates CUNYfirst processes.  The screens will look exactly like what users will see when the CUNYfirst General Ledger goes live.  A sandbox is also available via the Internet, so it allows us to call on many CUNY professionals who will use or are familiar with the General Ledger to join in our testing and evaluation.

General Ledger – Training the Trainers Content Workshops

The second phase of training the 36 professionals from throughout the university who will train the end users of the General Ledger began this week at the Brooklyn Borough Training Center at Brooklyn College.  These trainers were given the specific course material they will be teaching to our end users.  They also used this new information and presented to their classmates for role modeling, experience and critique.  A review of content material continues next week with the orientation for end users scheduled for May 19.

Procurement Kickoff

The kickoff for our next processes for Finance under the Procurement umbrella – Accounts Payable, Purchasing and Expense Reimbursement – was held April 23.  Those in attendance were briefed on the project timeline, an explanation of the Procurement processes, and the projected time needed for campus personnel involvement.  The targeted Go Live date is July 2009.  The Fit/Gap sessions will begin shortly with the goal of defining the CUNYfirst Procurement business processes.  This will be followed this summer by sessions designed to elaborate and refine via an iterative process, the university wide needs for the Procurement modules, concluding with sessions in the Fall to test and confirm that the configured processes meet CUNY needs.  The CUNYfirst team has worked closely with campus leadership to appoint Purchasing and Accounts Payable Liaisons who will take part in these sessions and act as the college’s leads for these activities.

CUNYfirst Community Survey

The CUNYfirst Community Survey will conclude Monday at the end of the business day.  We ask that you continue to reach out to your campus community to encourage participation.  The results will aid the Core and Campus Teams in managing the Project in the areas of organizational readiness, communication and training as it goes forward.

Executive Committee – University Faculty Senate

Executive Vice Chancellor Allan Dobrin, Project Leaders Brian Cohen and Ron Spalter and the CUNYfirst Project Director Suman Taneja met this week the Executive Committee of the University Faculty Senate.  During the session members were given a Project update and explained the role of the Faculty Chair Liaisons who are guiding us in creating CUNYfirst toolkits and aids for them.  The Executive Committee also expressed the desire for more information about the Project, especially as it will affect university faculty.

Faculty Chair Liaison Meeting

Members of the Faculty Chair Liaison group met today (Friday) and were given a project update and receive a demonstration of the Campus Solutions prototype for students and faculty.  They also were shown reports that Faculty Chairs can run in real-time that currently might take days or weeks.  They were also asked to gather information from their campuses that will add to a compendium that we are collecting to guide us on assisting faculty to take full advantage of CUNYfirst processes. This group was also challenged to join the Core Team in extending their knowledge about the Project to their colleagues around CUNY.

Next Week – Project/Change Liaison Online Webinar

CUNYfirst Project and Change Management liaisons will meet Tuesday online for a briefing on Help Desk for the General Ledger.  There will also be an update on the Organizational Readiness Checklist and the tasks associated with it and upcoming due dates.