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May 1, 2009 - Fridays @ First

Project Update – Key Target Dates in May & June

The start of May begins the intensive round of final work needed to prepare the university for the launch of our next applications in the core Human Resources and Recruiting, Planning and Budgeting and Student Administration (Campus Solutions). The following dates are part of the necessary steps needed to go-live June 19 (our current target date). Throughout May, the Core Team will be working closely with our campus teams and Subject Matter Experts to complete the tasks necessary for Go-Live and to ensure that they are ready to bring to training and then support their people who will begin using CUNYfirst for their day-to-day work. On May 27, the Campus Executives will meet with the Core Team to lead us to the Go/No Go decision – Go for launch or No Go.

  • May 12 – HR (HCM/TAM) UAT Completion
  • May 13 –Employee Data send to Campuses and University Offices for Final Validation
  • May 15 – HR Train the Trainer Completion – Begin Access to training material for refresher
  • Week of May 18 – HR Professionals - Training Orientation
  • May 20 – Employee Data Validation Due to CUNYfirst Team
  • May 26 – HR User Training Begins – 5 days/3 sessions per day/6 Borough Centers (500-600 users)
  • May 27 – Final Employee Data Load Cut-Off – Oracle loads into CUNYfirst
  • May 27 – HR Go/No Decision
  • June 1 – Line Item Budgeting & Course Catalog Training Begins (Small population of users – Budgeting 60-100, Course Catalog - 40)
  • June 19 - Go-Live – HCM/TAM, Line – Item Budgeting, Course Catalog (Vanguards only)

Further explanation of these dates and activities follow. It’s an exciting time to see the light at the end of this tunnel.

Human Resources (HCM/TAM) – Data Validation

We’re getting close! Thanks to the hard work of our HR professionals from around the university, all personnel data corrections have been incorporated and what we’re calling the “dress rehearsal” (nearly cleansed and validated data) was delivered yesterday to our Oracle partners. The final step, once that data is loaded, is an evaluation and validation to the campuses (May 13) and back to the Core Team (May 20). That will lead to the final load for production and the cutoff of using CUPS (City University Personnel System) for personnel data prior to Go-Live, scheduled for June. CUPS will remain active for the Chancellor’s Report until its migration to CUNYfirst.

HR – UAT Update

Users Acceptance Testing is now in its final phase. This Thursday, our testers completed the scheduled script execution. We are close to finishing testing. What comes next is testing the fixes that were identified in testing, testing additional reports created by CUNY, and then re-testing processes that were connected to those fixes. The goal is to finish testing by May 15 so we can finalize applications and processes and procedures prior to training.

In appreciation of the time and effort given by the many testers, Vice Chancellor Gloriana Waters passes on this message:

“Thank you to everyone who participated in testing. Thank you to the campuses who provided testers for the many days needed for this. It was only through a huge effort that we were able to get it done.”


HR Train the trainer sessions continue as our trainers participate in sessions that focus on end-to-end processes. This will allow trainers to be able to understand applications including the ones they aren’t assigned to teach. Training for them will end in two weeks. After that they will have access to a CUNYfirst training environment that will let them refresh their learning and practice up to the beginning of user training on May 26.

Training for Budgeting and the Registrars who will learn Course Catalog will not follow the Train the Trainer model because the size of population is smaller. It will be taught by members of the CUNYfirst Training Team.

Planning and Budgeting

From Matt Sapienza – University Budget Director:

The upcoming June rollout for CUNYfirst will include the launch of the new Planning and Budgeting module. This will be the beginning of an integrated process that will result in a more simplified and accelerated process of allocating resources to the colleges, as well as provide the campuses with comprehensive financial planning and expenditure projection tools.

Under the leadership of Associate Budget Director Josephine Vidal, the launch has been aided by a core team of college budget professionals for whose counsel we are very grateful.

Our June launch, called the Line Item Budgeting, will replicate CUNY’s Adopted Budget for the Fiscal Year 2010 (beginning July 1). Line Item Budgeting will enable users to schedule their budgets for the upcoming year by individual accounts in the CUNYfirst system. Before we go live in June, approximately 100 budget and business professionals university-wide will receive training on utilizing this new module.

There will be four types of users of Line Item Budgeting: Preparers, Reviewers, Analysts and Coordinators. Preparers will be trained to do the inputting of budget data under the leadership of the Analyst. Reviewers will have access to make sure the data is correct and meets department, college and university goals. Coordinators are University Budget Office personnel who will be responsible for managing the overall budgeting process, including the determination of parameters and guidelines and the building of planning models.

This fall, we will implement the other modules that will complete the Planning and Budgeting suite, including position budgeting, which will allow us to develop fiscal plans based on our staff, their pay and their benefits. Because this module integrates with the upcoming Human Resources module – Human Capital Management – we still need to finalize how personnel data in HCM will be made available in order to create detailed budgets.

We believe the new Planning and Budgeting module will allow us to craft sound fiscal plans on a university-wide level, while providing the colleges with the flexibility to tailor the budgeting process to meet its local needs.

Our next set of communication will more fully describe the planned testing and training activities. We will continue to keep you posted on our progress.

General Ledger Update

As a reminder CUNYfirst General Ledger is not available to users to allow the loading of historical data (i.e. 2007 & 2008). Additionally, 2009 data is being re-run to more accurately reflect the changes in the mapping between FAS and CUNYfirst. It should be available next week.

After this effort, CUNYfirst will contain two years of historical data and will contain beginning balances for FY 2009.

And we close out this edition with congratulations to our Financial Aid lead Ali Morgan and his wife Kanika who celebrated the birth of their new daughter Ava Patricia Wednesday night. It’s the first birth for the CUNYfirst family. We send our best wishes to Ava, her big sister Kibriyaa, Kanika and Ali and wish that someday soon they may get a night’s sleep.