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March 20, 2009 - Fridays @ first

CUNYfirst is Coming Soon! What’s written below is an overview of the work the CUNYfirst Project team is doing in concert with our campus teams and various Subject Matter Experts and professionals from all over the university. Please share its contents with your colleagues who have a stake in our work and its outcome.

Human Resources (Human Capital Management (HCM)) - Users Acceptance Testing (UAT)

Users Acceptance Testing for the Human Resources Pillar resumed with a new effort aimed at speeding up the testing process. Instead of bringing in new testers every other day or week, we are asking professionals to be more of a core group that adds continuity to testing.  While this worked well this week, efforts to spread out the work among more people is constantly under evaluation.  Our target now is to complete testing near the end of April.  The positives of testing is that we’ve been able to confirm functions in TAM (Talent Acquisition Management – Recruiting) that allow us to interview, recommend and, next week, hire job candidates. Testing continues next Tuesday as we aim to wrap up our first two and begin our third of five testing cycles.

Training – Human Resources – Human Capital Management

Train the trainer sessions continue.  At this point we are focused on working with our trainers as they present actual course material.  As we train our trainers, the material they use is based on the system that was configured prior to testing.  When testing is completed and the final configurations done, users will be shown how to do their work with the most recent processes, which may or may not change following testing.  The key is they’ll learn the system that goes into production for all CUNY.

CUNYfirst and Job Titles

At the beginning of the week, the office of Vice Chancellor Waters sent a memo to campus Human Resources Directors detailing functional job title changes for employees in the HEO (Higher Education Officer) and Full-Time Employees in the College Laboratory Technician Titles.  This was undertaken to reduce the number of functional titles and to match an employee’s title to better reflect their assignment and skills. There will be no other change in respect to pay, salary step, status, day-to-day responsibilities or other conditions of employment.

A letter to employees with these contract titles was sent this week.  This is the result of a process to standardize job titles, with the assistance of the Office of Labor Relations and the CUNYfirst Core Team.  A conference call was held Monday to further explain the letter to our HR Directors and staff and answer questions.  A spreadsheet with the full listing of the new job titles was sent after that call.
A full review of this migration will take place from now until September to ensure that all new title assignments are correct.

Help Desk

Help Desk managers and professionals from around the university met this week.  The agenda was focused on their common day to day issues.  They were also given an update on CUNYfirst, including the current target dates for the HR and other implementations, an explanation about Super Users and the Peer Network which will assist them when users need assistance, and the Identity Management System (IMS).  IMS is the entryway to CUNYfirst.  It creates a secure connection for the user to the system.  Final decisions on configuration are being made now and the Project will explain how it applies to all users during the HR launch during training and via the Project website (http://first/

Student Administration (Campus Solutions)

Sessions were held this week for the following Campus Solutions (Student Administration) teams: Student Records, Financial Aid and Student Financials.  All meetings were demonstrations of the processes available when Wave Two colleges go live.

Procurement (Purchasing, Payables, Expenses)

In a meeting held Monday March 16, Procurement Liaisons learned that the go-live target date is pushed out one year to July 2010, due to many factors.   Various technical and fiscal reasons make it advantageous to launch in sync with the beginning of CUNY’s fiscal year activity.  This meeting communicated the vision of providing a high quality solution to everyone who is part of the Procurement process. The immediate challenge for this team includes how a new Procurement system will work with the new State and City of New York systems also being implemented, how these transactions will integrate with other areas of CUNYfirst, how to provide a system to include Non-Tax Entities, how to work with vendor catalogues and give potential vendors access to the system, and standardizing processes across the university. 

Reports and Reporting

Concerns have been raised about access to information and data once CUNYfirst is fully implemented.  Currently, campus and university professionals are supporting services or systems that extract data from numerous sources for the many reports needed at colleges and for the university.  When CUNYfirst is our system of record, whatever data or information is needed for reports will be available.  As part of the evolution that is taking place now, we are learning that there are campus-specific reports along with common reports needed for the future – some will be available in CUNYfirst and some will require extracts.  What we are learning from our campus teams will lead to the creation of common reports, a reporting infrastructure and a listing of how we can assure our campuses they can get the data they need in the future.

CUNYfirst Steering Committee

The Steering Committee convened Wednesday to receive a Project update from the Oracle Project Manager, an explanation of the fits and the gaps in computing Faculty Work Load under CUNYfirst, and to see a demonstration of the new Identity Management System (IMS).  The Committee will meet again next week to review and make comments about the results of the Faculty Work Load fit/gap sessions.

The Week Ahead – March 23 - 27

Here is a listing of meetings and sessions involving the Core Team and our campus professionals.

Train the Trainer - Introduction to HCM - Mon, Mar 23
Brooklyn College


HR Users Acceptance Testing - Tue, Mar 24 to Thu, Mar 26
Location TBA

Train the Trainer - Position Management - Tue, Mar 24
Brooklyn College

Planning and Budget Core Team
230 W. 41 - 5th Floor

Planning and Budgeting - Hands on Configuration Sessions
230 W 41st - 10th Floor Conference Room


Train the Trainer - TAM - Wed, Mar 25
Brooklyn College

Planning and Budgeting - Hands on Configuration Sessions
230 W 41st - 10th Floor Conference Room


CUNYfirst Steering - Faculty Workload Fit/Gap Session - Thu, Mar 26
School of Journalism - 230 W 41st - Room 308

Project/Change Liaison Meeting


Train the Trainer - Workforce Admin - Fri, Mar 27
Brooklyn College

HCM Weekly UAT Update