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July 30, 2009 - Friday's @ first - Summer Thursday Edition

The following is an update of the CUNYfirst Project. Please share with colleagues you believe will be interested in its content. CUNYfirst is Live! - HR, General Ledger, Line Item Budgeting, Course Catalog

Living with HCM – Human Capital Management

Six weeks (depending on the college) into our launch of the new CUNYfirst Human Resources system and the outlook remains positive.  All college team members continue to familiarize themselves with new processes and applications. It’s probably fair to say that the concept of position numbers is part of the learning curve in position management, as position numbers were not a key element for working in CUPS.  One of the larger beginning tasks, the termination of duplicate employee records that were created during the conversion of data from CUPS to CUNYfirst as a result of pending reappointment records in CUPS, is nearly complete.  Kudos to our HR teams in helping to notify managers and supervisors that termination of these duplicate records was housekeeping only and did not involve personnel.

Our on-site support continued with Oracle HR experts, who in their time have answered more than 1,100 questions, with most questions focused on learning and using the new steps and where information goes and how to perform transactions.  The daily “Office Hours” went weekly this week with our HR teams asking questions ranging from how to process a department chair’s re-election to understanding where to find a budget line number.  The questions show a real desire to learn and work comfortably in a new environment. 

And as of today, no dual entry in needed in CUPS and as of Monday, it will no longer feed any CUNY wide system.


New HCM classes are added weekly to the Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) system and users who want to attend should check back daily.  The system is configured to drop courses if a minimum number of attendees do not sign up.  The training team is also consolidating classes because the demand right now is not great, so not all courses will be available in all Borough Training Centers.  If you need a class, grab it.

Help Desk

Our Help Desk managers met Wednesday to review the current launch of new CUNYfirst applications and to discuss the issues related to tickets that were filed by users of the system.  The majority were not technical in nature and were assigned to either Super Users on each campus and the Central Office or to members of the CUNYfirst Core Team for resolution.  The Help Desk meeting was also to review how to expedite requests for assistance to resolution using the tools available to them. During the launch the help desks logged 207 requests for assistance.

Campus Solutions – Student Marketing

On Tuesday July 28, Campus Solutions Project Manager Stu Schaffer and Student Records SME Somaiya Arafeen demonstrated and walked through CUNYfirst student processes at Queensborough Community College for students who will help advise and lead our marketing and promotion at QCC. It was the first chance for these students to have a hands-on experience that will allow them to tell us how to best promote the features of CUNYfirst to their classmates when the system goes live in the near future.  A few weeks earlier, a similar demonstration was given to students at Queens College who will lead the marketing and promotion effort there.

Our student marketing plans are a year in the making, which began when we met with student service administrators in 2008.  In January of this year, students from York and Baruch Colleges helped us focus our efforts to create strategies that will maximize our exposure to and impact on students.  Since then, each of our Vanguard Colleges (Queens and Queensborough) have identified students who are working with us to identify the vehicles for promoting CUNYfirst (displays, on-line and print material, social networking websites, etc.) and come up with specific plans on what to do, what to say, and where to say it as we approach launch and their first opportunity to register for classes and pay their tuition and fees. We’re grateful for the time these students are giving for the Project and thank them and the student service staff at both colleges for their guidance and support.

Meetings Next Week

Campus Solutions UAT Script Writing
230 West 41st Street, Room 525

Tue, Aug 04

9:30 AM – 4:00 PM


Campus Solutions UAT Script Writing
230 West 41st Street, Room 525

Wed, Aug 05

9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

HCM Office Hours Call

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM


Application Security Liaison Meeting
555 W 57th - Manhattan - 16th floor Seminar Room

Thu, Aug 06

10:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Communication Liaisons

1:00 PM – 1:30 PM

CS Super User Monthly Meeting

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM