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July 23, 2009 - Fridays @ first - Summer Thursday Edition

CUNYfirst is Live! - HR, General Ledger, Line Item Budgeting, Course Catalog
July 23, 2009 - Fridays @ first - Summer Thursday Edition

Baruch HR team working with their Oracle consultant Mridun Bhowmic (AJ).

Everyone is Live with HCM

On Monday, our colleagues from Baruch, Brooklyn and Medgar Evers Colleges, City Tech and the Graduate Center completed the roster of CUNY schools working in their new Human Resources environment!  This is an achievement to celebrate and to thank everyone for their hard work in getting here, and recognizing the hard work that remains.

All of the colleges are processing new transactions slowly and with team members nearby.  That is providing a high quality learning environment as personnel transactions are being completed.  One concern that is apparent is the need to re-connect with the budget community to make sure they understand their responsibilities in personnel transactions.  A webinar is being planned to help provide information and support.

In the month of August, we are facing a large number of transactions of new employees, especially the volume of adjuncts that will be reappointed for the fall semester.  One of the priorities of the CUNYfirst Core HR team is to provide support and guidance to help that effort be as smooth as possible.

In that regard, we have had great success with our two teleconference/webinars aimed at tackling issues as they come up.  Our daily 11am technical calls are helping direct efforts that are facing our Help Desk analysts around the university, and also Application Security Liaisons and HR professionals who run into road blocks in working with the new software.  The 4pm “Office Hours” remains immensely helpful as our colleges articulate their successes and ask for assistance in completing their work with new tools.  We applaud our colleagues from our Wave One and Wave Two colleges who chime in on the call and offer assistance to those just learning the applications.  Thanks.

We also received very positive feedback from our colleges and OHRM regarding the Oracle HR experts who provide support and expertise during this go-live.  Below is a photo of the Baruch HR team working with their Oracle consultant Mridun Bhowmic (AJ). 

One issue that has come up this week as colleges were eliminating duplicate personnel entries is terminology.  When that record is deleted, CUNYfirst sends an email to that person’s supervisor which indicates that the employee was terminated.  In our new vocabulary, managers and supervisors need to understand that during this transition this means a record is terminated, and should ignore the email.  We are working to see if we clarify the language in these notifications.


New HCM classes will be added next week in Enterprise Learning Management (ELM) to allow users who haven’t completed or taken classes necessary for their role, for people who would like a refresher course or anyone who is new to our HR community.

One final note.  The transition has been a great thing to observe.  In the next few weeks, our team will be soliciting feedback from our colleges and Central Office in an effort to continually improve communication for the project.  We look forward to their comments and suggestions.

Meetings Next Week

Financial Aid Configuration - CRP 3
OSFA - 15th Floor Large Conference Room

Mon, Jul 27

9:00 AM – 5:00 PM


CS UAT Script Writing
230 West 41st Street, Room 525

Tue, Jul 28

9:30 AM – 4:00 PM


CS UAT Script Writing
230 West 41st Street, Room 525

Wed, Jul 29

9:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Help Desk
WebEx Conference

11:00 AM – 1:00 PM

4 p.m. HCM Office Hours Call
866-699-3239; 791 195 479

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM