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January 13, 2013 - Fridays @ First

For the week ahead - January 14 - 18

We send out New Years Greetings from the CUNYfirst Communications Team as we start a very busy year for the Project - from the launch of new Campus Solutions tools at five Senior Colleges and our largest college, Borough of Manhattan Community Colleges to a new Procurement system at our Senior Colleges. This means we'll be adding in this calendar year nearly 110,000 new student users and another 4,000 faculty and staff in the areas of Campus Solutions, Financial Aid, Graduate Admissions, Procurement, Asset Management and Payroll Processing. That will tip us over 200,000 individual users by the end of 2013.

It reminds us to emphasize that the benefits of CUNYfirst:

  • We will retire aging unsupportable systems that no longer serve the needs of a University (our CUPS personnel system was retired in 2009)
  • We are building one common data base that houses all information for our students, our employees and our financial management. In the past we needed to rely on many systems that did not integrate or interact which led to inefficiencies and inadequate service to our students, faculty and staff
  • We have modernized our recruiting and hiring process saving time, increasing the quality of our searches, and saving millions of sheets of paper as review the resumes, CV's and portfolios of our candidates
  • Building a system in collaboration with hundreds of students, faculty and staff

There will be more about the benefits we will share and we'll reach out to our users to report out how CUNYfirst has impacted their work and their experiences in our University community.

Now to the news:

Campus Solutions:

  • Wave 3 Academic Portfolio (BMCC, Brooklyn College, City Tech, CSI, Hunter and York Colleges)

With an impending launch planned for the end of March, early April time frame, the CUNYfirst Campus Solutions and Testing team is planning and preparing for Users Acceptance Testing, scheduled to begin January 23. UAT is our opportunity for upcoming users to "kick the tires" of the system to see how it works in real-life scenarios. It is also the beginning of the learning curve for those professionals who understand all the curveballs that come at them when servicing students, faculty and their colleagues.

In the meantime, college professionals will soon begin analyzing the third effort to "clean" student data. This activity is aimed at ensuring that the data we have at lauch is the most accurate academic and financial information to help make the transition as smooth as possible. In this time we have been analyzing tuition and aid information, student transcripts, duplicate entries and other items so we can account for everyone who will be needing to use the system for registration, getting grades and paying bills when we launch.

At the same time, folks who will train their college colleagues started hands on training this week (shout out to BMCC who are providing space for us at Fiterman Hall).These intensive sessions will cover the material and processes necessary for users to be successful to work in the new system, but also covers presentation skills to assist them as they stand up to train groups of new users.

The students who will also orient and train their classmates begin learning the new system, starting today at BMCC. We'll provide those student leaders who have been chosen and volunteered to assist their Colleges in making sure the transition is as painless as possible. These students will lead sessions at their colleges starting in February.

  • Wave 2 Financial Aid (Bronx CC, CUNY Law, Hostos CC, Lehman and Queens Colleges)

Financial Aid will also be moving toward UAT for the colleges listed above.

  • Graduate Admissions

Our Graduate Admission Project, which will launch this year with a pilot-test at Lehman College, will move into UAT in February. Currently our implementation partners are testing functionality.

Asset Management:

A second CRP1 (Conference Room Pilot) session was held Wednesday for groups that a responsible for the purchasing, tracking and inventory control of all CUNY and College assets. The meeting focused on the out of the box applications and transactions that users would process. There was also an emphasis on current business processes and work flow. This first session is the starting point of building the Asset Management system while additional sessions will be used to refine the build. Launch is planned for late 2013.

We also have folks working on our Procurement and Payroll processing projects. We'll report on those in the coming weeks. This report is now pretty lengthy.