Should I take a hybrid online section of Writing 300?

Frequently Asked Questions about the College-Wide Writing Program

WRIT 300 is a research writing course in which you will learn the academic discipline needed to write a research paper based on an important question related to your major.

Unlike most sections of this course, hybrid sections of Writing 300 typically meet in the classroom once per week, rather than twice. Students will work on their own using the Internet and BlackBoard to access notes and assignments, and to communicate with the teacher and other students in the class. 

Though the amount of work is the same as the regular classroom WRIT 300 sections, students will not have the same amount of face to face interaction with the teacher. When not in the classroom, communication with the teacher will take place via e-mail and Blackboard. The advantages of a hybrid course are obvious for those who want to eliminate traveling time to the college, but the hybrid choice is not for everyone. 

We have prepared a brief self-survey for students who want to make sure the course is right for them.

Ask yourself if the following statements apply to you by responding "Yes" or "No".  Your responses can help you decide if you should take a hybrid WRIT 300.

  1. I am self-motivated and have had success working independently.
  2. I read written instructions with care and am capable of following them closely.
  3. I ask questions whenever I am confused or concerned about my work.
  4. I am a good reader and have developed successful techniques for reading college level assignments.
  5. I may have a busy schedule, but I almost always get my work in on time and meet the requirements of the assignments.
  6. I am very comfortable working at the computer and have some experience with web-based writing tools, such as email, forums and discussion boards, attachments, and file uploads/downloads.
  7. I have a computer at home - or one that I can access easily away from the college - and this computer has Internet access.
  8. I have some experience using Blackboard for a college course I have taken.

If you answered "Yes" to all of these questions, a hybrid section of Writing 300 may be right for you. 

If you answered "No" to one or more of the questions, a hybrid section is probably not right for you.  Most students do well in the standard WRIT 300 course, in part because it provides the kind of structure and regularity that supports writing development.  Please consider taking one of the standard sections.

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