Mission Statement

The University Skills Immersion Program (USIP) at York College is committed to providing students with the skills and support to score high enough to enter the college, place in required math and English classes, and do better in the gateway and major STEM courses.                                                                                


The program focuses on effective interventions for exit from remediation and easier access to courses that students need to graduate.

A number of programs are offered to improve basic skills and open up access to college credit courses. These include free summer and winter programs and semester-long booster courses connected to required math classes.

The program helps students at the beginning of their York studies to successfully start their college classes so that they can earn a college degree without using financial aid to pay for remedial and non-required courses.

The program also provides high school students with workshops to prepare them for the CUNY entrance and placement exams and high schools teachers professional development opportunities to become familiar with those exams.

The program is committed to strengthening its focus on the use of data for decision making and planning to provide coordinated, evidence-based student support interventions.

A successful University Skills Immersion Program is essential to broaden access and success for all students.


All Workshops Are Free