Undergraduate Research

Academic Core 3E07B

Graduate Training Opportunity at Brown University! by Rafael Nunez — last modified Mar 31, 2017
Brown University introduces Biomed Initiative to Maximize Student Development (IMSD), for all students interested in the pursuit of graduate level training opportunities.
York College Summer Research Program York College Summer Research Program by Rafael Nunez — last modified Mar 22, 2017
The York College Summer Research Program is an annual event designed to provide research opportunities to undergraduate and high school students.

CUNY Summer Stem Research Symposium

CUNY CREST invites students from across CUNY to present at the one-day CUNY Summer STEM Research Symposium.

The pre-registration and abstract deadline is Monday, July 14.

Instructions for abstract submission will be emailed to registrants.

The CUNY-wide  Summer STEM Research Symposium in earth sciences will take place at CCNY on Friday August 8, 2014.  

Areas of research include (but are not limited to): 

  • Atmospheric Sciences (meteorology, climatology, atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric physics, geochemistry and geophysics, engineering geology))
  • Geology (mineralogy, geochemistry, structural geology, engineering geology, paleontology etc.)
  • Geophysics and geodesy
  • Glaciology
  • Global climate and weather studies (climate data analysis and trends, weather prediction and modeling, climate mitigation and adaptation)
  • Informational technology (data fusion, satellite data and interpretation big data, cyber security, data management, software & application development, etc.)
  • Oceanography and hydrology (hydrogeology, urban coastal studies, etc.)
  • Physical geography
  • Remote Sensing of the Ocean and Atmosphere (coastal and ocean waters, bioptical properties of coastal waters)
  • Soil Science

For more information and to pre-register:  http://www.cuny.edu/research/sr/undergrad-research/crest-symposium.html