Emerging Scholars Program at City Tech CUNY

The Emerging Scholars Program provides a $500 stipend for a student researcher assisting you with your research or other scholarly endeavors. The purpose of the program is to help students develop a close relationship with a faculty member and promote a practical understanding of material learned in courses, while providing you with some assistance.

*Due to restrictions in funding, students must be US residents or permanent resident aliens (they must have a social security number) to receive the stipend.  They must be recommended by a faculty member into the program, and be in good academic standing. In rare cases advanced part-time students are accepted into the program. Partial stipends may also be arranged for part-time students.  They participate a proportional number of hours, typically a stipend of $250 for 25 hours of work and must attend the workshops.

Stipends are sent to your home approximately 6- 8 weeks after the end of the semester. To insure timely delivery, please verify that the college has your correct address on file. At the Awards ceremony, you will receive a certificate for your accomplishments a copy of the book of abstracts.

Interested? Contact Justin Vazquez-Poritz, Director of Undergraduate Research
Office: Namm 325E
e-mail: undergraduateresearch@citytech.cuny.edu
Phone: 718-260-5433

Feel free to come by Namm 325E to chat with me during my office hours on Tuesdays/Fridays 9 am-12 pm and 2-5 pm.

This program provides students with the opportunity to work as research assistants with faculty and receive a $500 stipend.

For more information, please visit: http://www.citytech.cuny.edu/academics/deptsites/schoolofartsandsciences/emerging.shtml

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