Advanced Technological Education: Mechatronics

Mechatronics Technology Center City Tech's Mechatronics Technology Center (MTC) was established in September 2010 by a grant from the National Science Foundation under the Advanced Technology Education (ATE) program. It provides a multidisciplinary platform for students to learn the latest mecharonics/robotic technology and to gain experience through hands-on projects.

The center was founded on the principle of "hands-on" education at the University level. The engineering student at City Tech receives rigorous classroom instruction in the physical sciences, the engineering discipline and, in addition, practical application of the technology, tools and software used in industry. City Tech is much more than "chalk and talk".

To supplement this course of instruction, our Mechatronics Technology Center offers students the ability to design, assemble, program and test mechatronic and robotic devices. The center is used by classes as part of regular course work and projects. It is also the host of City Tech's three Clubs: Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Design.

The principle of hands-on education gives the student permission to experiment, to gain an understanding of why engineering, science and mathematics is important in the context of solving his real world problems. Cognitive hands-on design activities make the learning visible. It is essential for the students to "learn-from-their-mistakes" in the academic setting, so they can recover from the inevitable set-backs that occur in their later careers in industry, government or the military. 

By working on projects, in teams and individually, the students discover the importance of collaboration, team-work and effective communication. The Mechatronics Technology Center acts as a host site to First Robotics for their mentor training and  encourages City Tech student to assist High School students in their projects and contests. Student are also encouraged to compete in university level contests and to join and become active in professional organizations.

The Mechatronics Technology Center is currently co-managed by the faculty members from Mechanical Engineering Technology, Computer Engineering Technology, and Electrical Engineering & Telecommunication Technology departments.
For more information, please visit: http://www.mtccitytech.org/

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