Opportunity to Host Health & Nutrition Workshops at America Works!

America Works is an organization that acts as a job-readiness facility and employment agency for public-assisted clients. They develop and conduct eight workshops a week that teach people about nutrition and good health. All students interested in nutrition and health are welcomed to apply!
Potato chips are 50 cents but an apple is a dollar—so why purchase the fruit? On a daily basis people act on the  “cheaper is better” mindset and often choose unhealthy snacks and food options.
America Works is currently looking for students to help host these workshops in order to advise / teach the community about nutrition and healthy food choices. These workshops aim to educate and inform people of healthier eating habits. America Works' clients range in age from about 23 to about 60 years, from multiple demographic backgrounds. 
America Works is open from 9a-4p, Monday through Friday. 
If interested, please contact Susan Resnick, Corporate Trainer, at sresnick@americaworks.com