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Former SEMAA Student Returns to Encourage Current Students

The spring 2020 NASA MAA K1-12 (formerly known as the SEMAA Program) resumed on February 08, 2020, with its first-known program participant to grow up and pursue a Ph.D., as the keynote speaker.

Dr. Sandy Wills, who participated in the program as a child (SEMAA Class of 2000), earned her Ph.D. in immunology from Duke University and expressed her deep appreciation for the support she received that introduced her to STEM education.

Dr. Nazrul Khandaker, the current director, was delighted with the visit and expressed appreciation for Dr. Wills’ interaction with the young students. Also in attendance for Dr. Wills’ visit, were Dr. Jack Schlein, founding director, and Dr. Berenecea Johnson Eanes, interim president of York College. The college congratulates Dr. Wills and thanks her for returning to encourage current students.

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