If you are having trouble with any class, the CLC is more than willing to help you with their excellent tutors

Our college and program wants all the students to be as successful as possible. When applying for any type of post graduate school the GPA and grades are one of the most important factors that the admission committees take into consideration. Many of the classes that are required for students to take may be very difficult and might sometimes seem impossible to go through, that's why our school has a Collaborative Learning Center (CLC). This center has tutors that have excelled in these difficult courses and have been approved by the department to help other students with their troubles. It's important to take advantage of all the resources that a university offers, and tutoring is a very important recourse. Whether you need help with understanding a difficult topic or want to review for an exam, it's always a good idea to get someone, that can empathize with you, to help you. Remember an A still counts whether you received tutoring or not. So make sure you use up all your resources and aim for the best.