Required Extra-Curricular Activities

A description of the required scholarly and cultural events honors program students must attend.

One of the requirements of the honors program is that:

All Honors Program students are required to attend:

  • Two events per semester. one cultural and one schoarly event.


First, this requirement is quite common in most colleges’ honors programs.  One part of college life (and not just honors program life) is to see learning as a full time avocation and not just something that happens in the classroom.  Also, the honors program is about becoming well-rounded scholars.  While our liberal arts requirements here at York encourage that, there is a wealth of opportunities beyond the classroom to become even better-rounded.


Options Available to Meet these Requirements

Choose your own events!

Apply these definitions to help you decide which events meet the requirements.

Scholarly Events

A scholarly event is any event with a discipline (Psychology, Theater) focus which occurs on our campus or any other college campus of about 1 hour’s length.

For example, in 2006 Deborah Tanner gave a talk in the PAC.  It was about communication (a discipline) and it was on campus.  Other examples: a professor giving a research talk, a professor giving a gallery talk or a student giving a senior thesis presentation.

Non-examples: a student government meeting about the tech fee, a student government team building session, a popular music (Rap) concert in the PAC.

Cultural Events

A cultural event is any event which exposes you to any “high culture” performance or product of fine art of about 2 hour’s length.

Examples: a 2 hour trip to an art gallery, a symphony concert, a play.

I mentioned high culture so you would not confuse what I intend with pop culture.

High culture

Pop Culture

Low Culture

Please don’t confuse my use of “culture” here as meaning different cultures (as in American vs Asian).  I’m using the term as in “He knows his opera, that guy seems very cultured”  Each culture has its own low and high culture (Shonen Knife is Japanese pop culture; Akira Kurosawa is Japanese high culture).

How You can Help.

If you find out about an interesting scholarly or cultural event, let others know.  Anyone on the listserv [Honors] can send an email to the entire list at

If you find out about an event, announce it.  Even try to find friends to go with you on the list – THAT’S WHAT THE LIST IF FOR