Transfer Students

Transferring to York College, Teacher Education Program

Additional Information

Childhood Education/Bilingual Education/Middle School Extensions

Students transferring to the Childhood Education/Bilingual Education/Middle School Extensions at YORK COLLEGE should take the following PATHWAYS COURSES for smoothest transition (all information taken from TIPPS on 2/8/2016 and should be checked periodically for updates).

English Composition: ENG125: Introduction to College Writing ENG 101or     ENG 121 ENG11 ENG110 ENG1200 ENG101 ENGL101
English Composition: ENG126: Writing about Literature    ENG201 No equivalent listed ELEC E ENG3000 No equivalent listed ENGL102
World Cultures and Global Issues: ENG200: Understanding Literature  ENG 392 ENG E262 ENG111 ENG3000 ENG102 ENGL102
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning: MATH150: Mathematics and its Applications OR MATH111: Statistics and Probability MAT 125, MAT 150 or MAT 209 MTH 23 or MTH E2112 MAT120 or MAT E0112 MAT 700 or MAT 2000 MAT107 or MAT120 MA198 or MA336  
Life and Physical Sciences: BIO140: Human Biology OR GEOL140: Our Earth  BIO E022 BIO 230 BIO E022 or EPS E073 IND197 GE100
U.S. Experience in its Diversity: POL103: Politics and Government in the United States POL100 or POL103 POL11 POL101 POL5100 SSP 101 PLSC101
Individual and Society: ECON102: Introduction to Microeconomics ECO 202 ECO11 ECO E054 ECO1300 SSE 102 ECON102
Creative Expression: Choose 1 Speech Communications course SPE 100 CMS E035 or COMM 26 SPE 2100 or SPE 2700 HUC101 SP 211 or SP 321

EDUC 268: Bilingual and English Language Learner (ELL) Education

EDB 202

EDU 18





EDUC 280: Child and Adolescent Development for Teachers

EDU 201

EDU 10

EDU 116

PSY 3000

SSY 105

PSYC 215

EDUC 285: Introduction to Special Education (elective)


EDU 30





PHIL 202/SOC 202: Major Ideas and Issues in Education

EDU 202

EDU 12

EDU 101

EDC 2000

ELN 120

ED 110