Music Production Classes Now Open

Production Classes in Fall 2018 now open for registration.

Want to learn how to use computers and Digital Audio Workstations (Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Reason, FL Studio, etc.) to make music? Do you want to learn more about how commercial songs are written today?

Learn to create electronic sounds with synthesizers and manipulate samples, program drum beats, and even mix and master music so that it is ready for release on Spotify, Youtube, iTunes, etc. - right here at York College!

The Department of Performing and Fine Arts offers courses in Music Production that cover these topics and many others. The recording and entertainment industries are multi-billion dollar per year businesses, and this is a great opportunity to develop skills for success.

MUS 225 (Foundations of Music Production) counts toward your Writing-Intensive and General Education requirements. You can also take the courses as electives, or if you are interested, pursue a major in Music (with a concentration in music production) or a minor in Music Production.

In Fall 2018, we are offering:

  • MUS 225 - Foundations of Music Production (Mondays, 2-4:50 pm)
  • MUS 427 - Mixing and Mastering (Mondays, 6-8:50 pm)

Check out Fall 2018 Music Courses for the full listing of all music classes on offer for Fall 2018!

Music Production Classes Now Open