PFA Professor Andrea DeFelice Receives CUNY Professional Development Fund Award

Performing and Fine Arts Adjunct Assistant Professor Andrea DeFelice receives CUNY Professional Development Fund award in support of her forthcoming artist residency in Iceland.
Her residency will take place in Summer 2015 for one month at Hafnarborg - The Hafnarfjörður Centre of Culture and Fine Art. Hafnarborg runs a live-in Artist in Residence program on the top floor of the museum which is located in the centre of town. The premises are for both Icelandic and international artists. More information about the museum and the program can be found here:
For DeFelice, the purpose of this activity is professional development as a visual artist and instructor of visual arts, communications, and multimedia. Under the time period offered to her by the Hafnarborg program, she plans to complete a project requiring research and utilization of different software/hardware media technologies to develop a body of work. The work will incorporate multimedia, including video, graphics, composite painting, and 3D materials. Technologies such as cameras, a flight drone, a robot rover, portable WIFI, and applied computer softwares will be implemented. All are to be integrated to make artworks and exemplary media inspired by the physical characteristics of the Icelandic landscape and the rolls that technology and our environment play in our lives.
Apart from research and technical innovations, DeFelice aims to complete works that focus on conceptual ideas of technology and place. Through a cross-examination of how landscape and technology affect us, as well as how we manipulate it, she'll experiment by way of creative and destructive tactics to develop visual works.