Communications Technology Major Wins CUNY's Monthly Student Photo Competition

Khalil Quick, a Communications Technology major, won CUNY's monthly student photo competition for October, 2014.

Khalil Quick is a communications technology major who intends to graduate from York College in 2016. He shot this image during his regular commute home on the J train. "I decided to take this shot after watching a documentary about human technological progress, and how technology's evolution is taking on a life of its own," he explains. "Now more than ever, it has been growing in wild, unpredictable patterns. The rate of technological growth grows exponentially with every new idea and invention. Many generations have been absolutely in love with the idea of being able to go across the country in the blink of an eye or, for that matter, even time travel one day. Scientist say the only way even to dream of achieving that would be to figure out how to move beyond the speed of light. This is my peek into the maybe not so far future." Quick likes to write and study martial arts in his spare time. He would like to become a write and film director.

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