About Tensor Program

York Tensor Scholars Program was a mathematics circle at York College aimed at challenging the under-representation of women in mathematics. The program is no longer accepting applications.

The York Tensor Scholars Program

The York Tensor Scholars Program is a mathematics circle at York College aimed at challenging the under-representation of women in mathematics.  The program created a community of selected students at York College who have an interest in mathematics and is open to any York student with such an interest irrespective of their major.  With regular workshops, speakers, discussions, research projects and a women in mathematics event geared towards these students, we aim to foster an ongoing, engaged mathematical conversation through which the mathematics identity of these female students will be strengthened while actively challenging the under-representation of women and other groups in mathematics.  Our objectives are to: (1) increase the enthusiasm, interest, confidence and performance in mathematics of women and other minorities; (2) develop a community in which peers support each other’s learning beyond the Tensor meeting times and (3) to change undergraduate perceptions about what a mathematician looks like and where s/he can be from as we seek to direct students to graduate programs in mathematics or mathematical professions.

Students in the program attend monthly mathematics talks.  These events, “Tensor Talks,” are given by invited scholars, most often women, in the field of mathematics and computer science.  Tensor participants will be invited to attend a social meeting with the speaker following the tensor talk. At these meetings students will summarize what was presented at the talk, expand upon the questions raised, and suggest related problems for further exploration.  Additionally these meetings wallow the students to better know the speaker and hopefully begin to challenge traditional views of who mathematicians are. The program also includes an annual Women in Mathematics Event during Women’s History Month (March).  The event is aimed at celebrating the contributions of women in mathematics.  In addition other events such as a yearly trip to the CUNY Graduate Center, CUNY’s doctoral degree granting institution and a Research Experiences for Undergraduates Day are also part of the program.

This program, begun during the 2009 academic year, is made possible by a generous grant from the Mathematics Association of America.  As of 2011 additional funding for the program was obtained through a generous grant from the American Association of University Women.  Additional support for the 2011 Women in Mathematics Day was obtained from the CUNY Diversity Fund Project.  To date, funding from all sources for the program has totaled $30,000.

As of 2014, the program is no longer accepting applications.

If you are interested in the program or have any questions about it please feel free to contact the program’s director, Dr. Lidia Gonzalez at lgonzalez@york.cuny.edu or the project’s co-director, Dr. Rishi Nath at rnath@york.cuny.edu