Every York student is required to complete one or more courses in Mathematics. The MLC strives to foster the academic growth of all York students by helping them succeed in their Mathematics and Computer Science classes. We provide workshops in all gateway Mathematics Courses.

Final Review Workshop Spring 2014 Schedules

The Center provides Final Review Workshops for the following courses

  1. Math 104 (College Algebra)
  2. Math 111 (Introduction to Statistic and Probability)
  3. Math 115 (Quantitative Methods for Decision Making)
  4. Math 120 (Pre-calculus)
  5. Math 121 and Math 122 (Analytic Geometry and Calculus I and II)

These workshops are taught by MLC tutors who work for the center or Professors who volunteer to help our students for their final exams. Materials that are covered in these workshops are provided by

Review materials are provided at the center or students can download them from the MLC website.  Please remember that these materials are only samples of the types of topics you may be asked on the exam. This is a secure exam and the questions asked on the test may look different from those you have practiced. However, the listing of topics remains the same.

MLC Workshops

From 12/9/13 to 12/23/13

Please, follow the links below to find more information about the final review workshop schedules for the different courses:

SI Workshops

From 12/16/13 to 12/20/13

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program is coordinated by Dr. Parasi, Babaali who is also a Math 120 Coordinator at York College. This program offers weekly study sessions to students taking SI courses. Study sessions and workshops are led by SI professors and tutors who teach learning and study strategies to lead students to interpret and to solve math problems by themselves.

For more workshop schedules, please visit our office located in Room AC 3E07-C or call: 718-626-2710.
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