NLN Examination

Information regarding the NLN pre-admission exam


Students must register and pay for the exam at The registration end date will be 5 days prior to the test date.

  • This exam MUST be taken at York College and may only be repeated once. You must obtain permission from the Nursing Appeals Committee inorder to retake the exam. The NLN does not allow students to re-take the exam within six months of previous test date.
  • The exam is administered by the York College Testing Center located in the Academic Core-Room 1G05. Dates are posted below on this webpage.
  • This exam should not be taken prior to completing Chem. 106 &107, Bio 234 & 265.
  • This is a timed examination. This means that each section must be completed within a specific time frame. The computer will shut down that section and students cannot continue; nor can students return to a previous section.
  • Students cannot eat and/or drink during the examination.
  • Students cannot go to the bathroom without impacting test time.

Examination Dates:

  • Registration Date: 11/15/17
  • Last Day to Register: 12/10/17
  • Examination Date: 12/15/17
  • Registration Date: 12/19/17
  • Last Day to Register: 01/14/17
  • Examination Date: 01/19/18

  • Registration Date: 01/16/18
  • Last Day to Register: 02/11/18
  • Examination Date: 02/16/18
  • Registration Date: 02/16/18
  • Last Day to Register: 03/11/18
  • Examination Date: 03/16/18
  • Registration Date: 03/20/18
  • Last Day to Register: 04/15/18
  • Examination Date: 04/20/18
  • Registration Date: 04/11/18
  • Last Day to Register: 05/06/18
  • Examination Date: 05/11/18
  • Registration Date: 04/18/18
  • Last Day to Register: 05/13/18
  • Examination Date: 05/18/18


All  examinations will be held in the Academic Core Building, Testing Center-Room 1G05 at 10:00a.m.

To Prepare:

Review Book/Study Guide for NLN Pre-Admission RN Exam

  • The Review best used for this exam is located on the NLN website: . It will be at a cost of $15.00 for each section of the NLN Examination. The three sections are Reading, Math and Science.