Research Fellowship

Thank you for your interest in the 2015 Fellowship.

The CRG-HPP was started at York College in the Summer of 2011. Conceived by professors in the School of Health & Behavioral Sciences with similar research interests, the research group is comprised of CUNY faculty, undergraduate and graduate students of the various CUNY colleges, community stakeholders and faculty and students of collaborating academic institutions.

This will be the third cycle of the CRG-HPP undergraduate fellowship (inaugural fellows were brought on board in spring 2012).  The anticipated dates for the 2015 fellowship will be February 1, 2015-August 31, 2015.

The goal of the fellowship is to offer intensive, hands-on experience in the research process in the social and behavioral sciences.  With a focus on urban social and behavioral health policy and health promotion in New York City, invited fellows can be expected to be involved in the following activities:

  • Planning, design and construction of poster and/or paper abstracts for presentation at local and national peer-reviewed research conferences (based on fellowship work)
  • Hands on supervision, reflection and feedback with faculty and graduate students in socio-behavioral sciences at York College and across CUNY.
  • Participation in various parts of the research process including, but not limited to:  1) Construction of literature reviews; 2) Research study design and methodology; 3) Study recruitment and data collection; 4) Data analyses, management and reporting-- including cleaning, coding and entry (both quanitative and qualitative)
  • Professional networking
  • Graduate school and/or professional preparation (such as preparing personal statements, graduate school essays, construction of an effective CV, etc.).

2015 Student Fellowship Application

Collaborative Research Group on Health Policy & Promotion

Thank you for your interest in applying for the 2015 Undergraduate Student Fellowship with the Collaborative Research Group on Health Policy and Promotion.

The application process consists of two parts:

  1. This online application; and

  2. The submission of your up-to-date (unofficial) transcript and endorsement (short emailed letter of recommendation) by a faculty member in your department, both of which should be emailed to Dr. Susan Letteney at (no hard copies will be accepted and both your transcript and letter must be received for your application to be considered to be complete.

Please fill out all required information on the following pages. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

All completed applications must be received by January 1, 2015 to be considered. Again, thank you for your interest!

Do you have any research experience?  

Have you taken any research methodology? (e.g., biostatistics, epidemiology, study design, data analysis, etc?)

All completed applications must be received by January 1, 2015 to be considered.  Eligible candidates may be invited to participate in an interview during the Winter Intersession.

Invited fellows who complete all requirements will receive a one time stipend of $500 and will have access to a personal laptop computer throughout the course of the fellowship.