Writing 300

On this page you will find several resources to support your teaching of Writing 301, 302 and 303. We recommend that any new WRIT 300 instructor read the "Guide to Teaching Writing 300," included below. Please use the syllabus template, also included in a link below, as you create the documents for your own course. Writing 300 includes several formal writing assignments: 2 short papers at the beginning of the semester, a research proposal, and annotated bibliography, a research paper that emerges from an extended research and drafting process, and a reflective final essay. The final paper should account for about 40% of the course grade.

Notes about grading the research paper and assigning final grades in WRIT 300 courses.

Draft My Paper
"Draft My Paper" is an informative video introduction to research resources at York College and within The City University of New York.

Standard Syllabus Format
Writing 301, 302, 303, and 304 are general education courses offered in multiple sections taught by many instructors. At the end of these guidelines instructors will find a useful sample syllabus for Writing 303.

A Guide to Teaching Writing 300
This guide provides materials for instructors who are teaching Writing 300 for the first time, as well as information about teaching online and hybrid courses, sample syllabi, grading and assignment guidelines, and materials for in-class research. Draft My Paper provides activities centered around the research process. Sample Prompts include sample assignments for three key assignments in WRIT 300: the synthesis paper, the multiple source paper, and the research proposal.

Writing300 Samples