Policies and Recommendations

The Department of English has common policies in place governing attendance in multiple-section courses including English 125 as well as specific recommendations about the assignments and readings for the course.

Attendance Policy

Lack of attendance in ENG 125 may not be the sole reason that students fail this course. Grades must be based on work completed during the semester. We strongly suggest instructors include the following on their course syllabi:

  1. A percentage for Class Participation that ranges from 10-20% in the grading breakdown.
  2. A clear description of the policy for late assignments, specifying when and under what circumstances late assignments will and will not be accepted.
  3. A clear description of the marking or accounting for the completion of in-class work, as separate from homework or out of class work, both as a practice in the classroom and as a part of the grading breakdown, perhaps as part of or separate from the “Class Participation” portion.

Assignment Recommendations

  • English 125 requires four formal four formal writing assignments: three formal papers of 3-6 pages, and an annotated bibliography assignment that asks students to write on 3-4 sources. These formal papers must be worth at least sixty percent (60%) of the final grade.
  • Composition courses must include a minimum of nine (9) print and/or online reading selections encompassing a range of genres, including, for example, scholarly, journalistic, editorial, reflective, and visual texts.
  • The course requires a final examination worth 10% of the grade.