The Island in the Wind

Kolbert, Elizabeth. “The Island in the Wind.” Writing and Reading Across the Curriculum. 4th custom ed. for York College. Ed. Laurence Behrens, and Leonard J. Rosen. New York: Pearson, 2011. 346-353.


rutted  -  adj. of a track made by the passage of  wheeled vehiecles

sluggishly – adv. slowly and listlessly

exhilarating – adj. cheerful, gladdening; exciting

inhabitant – n. a person/animal that lives in a specific region, or dwelling

in aggregate – taken all together

acidification – n. changing into an acid

terrestrial – adj. of this world; worldly; earthly

infestation – overrunning or inhabiting in large numbers

panoramic – adj. of an unlimited view in all directions; comprehensive view

fluctuate – v.  to move back and forth or up and down

sequester – v. set apart; separate

egoistic – adj.  self-centered, selfish; conceited


Vocabulary Exercise

Fill in the blanks with the words chosen from the following.

terrestrial        fluctuate          panoramic           in aggregate       exhilarating      sequester

infestation         egoistic

  1. The climactic moment of commencement ceremonies is ________ to graduates and proud parents alike.
  2. Tourists never forget the impact of their _________ view of the Grand Canyon.
  3. The jury was __________ until a verdict was reached.
  4. In desperation, we called in an exterminator because of the ________ of ants in the house.
  5. His wealth _________ is staggering to the imagination.
  6. The _________ boss is demanding that everything be done her way.
  7. We have been able to explore the __________ regions much more thoroughly than the aquatic or celestial regions.
  8. Meteorologists watch the way the barometer _________ in order to predict the weather.



1. exhilarating             .2. panoramic      3. sequester          4. infestation

5. in aggregate               6. egoistic       7. terrestrial.                  8. fluctuate