Suggested Additional Readings


These Additional Readings can be used to help students evaluate original readings from the course. They are designed to supplement students’ awareness of unfamiliar time periods and topics. Some of the readings are primary, in the sense that they were written at the same time as the event (s) they describe, or are written as eyewitness accounts. Other readings are secondary, written after an event occurred or from reports written by others. In any event, the experience of working with primary sources should increase students’ awareness of both types of sources. Examining the possible biases of both primary and secondary documents is a valuable exercise, especially in a writing/reading course for freshmen.


I. Gloria Anzaldua’s “How to Tame a Wild Tongue”

Chicano Movement. (2005, June 22). Retrieved May 31, 2012, from Brown University:

II. Junot Diaz's "Homecoming With Turtle"

Felten, P. (2001, September 6). Electing Balaguer: Dominican Politics and the U.S. Military. Retrieved May 31, 2012, from Latin American Studies Association:

Monroe, S. (2011, March 4). At Colby, Pulitzer winner speaks of political engagement. Retrieved May 31, 2012, from Morning Sentinel:

Tamayo, J. O. (2002, July 15). Dominican ex-president Balageur dies. Retrieved May 31, 2012, from The Miami Herald:

III. Zoe Hardy's "What Did you do in the War, Grandma?"

McDaid, J. D. (2002, February). Virginia Women and the First World War: Records and Resources at the Library of Virginia. Retrieved January 12, 2002, from Library of Virginia: WWI.pdf

Rassbach, K. (1998, July 16). Emma Lou Leeper Phelan (1926- ). Retrieved May 31, 2012, from Iowa Women's Archives:

IV. Richard Selzer's "A Mask on the Face of Death"

Huffington, A. (2011, October 24). Jacques Pepin's 'The Origins Of AIDS' Examines HIV Pandemic In New Light. Retrieved May 31, 2012, from Huffpost Gay Voices:

Oswald, A. (2011, November 30). A look back at 30 years of AIDS and AIDS conspiracy theories. Retrieved May 31, 2012, from Out In Jersey: