What courses should I take to prepare for Medical School?

Here you can find answers to common questions.

Prerequisites can vary on a school by school basis.  Please check the prerequisites for schools to which you hope to apply.

The following courses are required by most medical schools in the United States as the minimum background needed for acceptance into medical school.

Medical School Prerequisites/MCAT 2015 PreparationYORK Recommended Courses
General Biology 2 semestersBIO 201 & BIO 202
Biochemistry 1 semesterBIO 412
General Chemistry 2 semestersCHEM 108/109 & CHEM 111/112
Organic Chemistry 2 semestersCHEM 231/232 (Org. Chemistry I/Lab & CHEM 233/234 (Org. Chemistry II/Lab
College Physics 2 semestersPHYS 113/115 & PHYS 114/116
English 2 semestersENGL 125 & ENG 126
NEW* Psychology 2 semestersPSY 102 & PSY 200 OR PSY 214
NEW* Sociology 1 SemesterSOC 101

Required and recommended coursework can vary by school  Some schools require one or two semesters of mathematics or one semester of mathematics and one semester of statistics.  Additionally, some schools require two semesters of English.  The Medical School Admissions Requirements (MSAR) provides information on course requirements and recommendation, by school, for these as well as the acceptability of AP, community college and online coursework.   The MSAR can be found at https://services.aamc.org/30/msar/home .

Any undergraduate major is appropriate for medical school assuming the applicant has completed the basic pre-med requirements. Nonetheless, the majority of students applying to medical school have undergraduate majors in the biological or physical sciences. It is very important to do well in science courses.