Ronald H. Brown Summer Law School Prep Program

York College participates in a consortium Summer Prep Program for College Students.

The Summer Pre-Law program is a nine week educational experience for sophomores and a fifteen week educational experience for juniors, taking place in June, July and August (and September and October, for juniors only) of each year. The Ronald H. Brown Summer Law School Prep Program prepares students for the challenges of law school, the LSAT and the law school application process.

This multi-faceted program helps promising students from under-represented groups and/or low income and/or first-generation college students prepare for careers in law.

The program offers all of the key elements students need to become competitive candidates and eventually, legal practitioners. Sophomore and Junior students from all majors are selected each spring through a competitive application process to assure academic engagement, professional maturity, intellectual curiosity and a passion for the law.

The sophomore program is a 9 week program. It includes 3 weeks of intense study of law with St. John’s University School of Law professors, simulating the law school experience; a 2 week judicial internship where a student is matched with a judge who mentors the student; and (matching the student’s interest in law) a 4 week internship with a district attorney’s office, a public defender’s office or a number of top-tier private law firms. It also includes some LSAT preparation. The junior program includes judicial and specialized internships and an intense 15 week LSAT preparation and one-on-one mentoring from a legal practitioner.

The program is unique and has tremendous success in getting students into law school, many with complete or partial scholarships to a wide range of law schools, including some of the most prestigious in the country.

We are seeking qualified sophomore and junior students this year.

Contact Dr. Robin Harper, pre-law advisor or call (718)262-2692

Applications available in 4D06 or here  Application Form St Johns Summer 2016 or on the Pre-Law Page.