COMPUTRON Accounting System (CAS)

The Research Foundation's financial accounting system, Computron, introduced in January 1999, is a relational database built on an Oracle platform, with the ability to integrate with Workflow and other software to enable electronic submission of RF forms.

Procedures for electronic submission can be found at the RF website.

Computron comes in the form of monthly accounting statements which can be accessed on the RF-CUNY website with an identification number and password. All investigators with active RF accounts should have a computron number and password.

You should be aware of the fact that the Web-based accounting statements do not come to you directly from Computron. For all its virtues, Computron is in the end an accounting software package, and the reports it provides are geared primarily towards those with a financial background. In order to create user-friendly reports, the RF purchased a data warehousing software package which allows us to import data into it and output it into a clear, concise and readable format. There will be a full update of account activity at the end of each month; payroll expenditure information will be updated after each two-week payroll date. RF assumes information that can be accessed instantly and reflects major activity up to the current two-week period will be sufficient for most projects. Any comments you have or suggestions for improvements to the field report should be sent to RF.

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