Research Foundation Pre-Employment Background Check 6/18/2004

As the volume of activity administered by the Research Foundation has grown, so, too, have the challenges it faces in managing more than $300 million and 12,000 employees annually. Among the many challenges is assuring the protection of faculty, staff, facilities, property, program participants, and intellectual output associated with sponsored programs. This is a responsibility to which the Research Foundations assigns the highest priority. In order to fulfill that responsibility, and consistent with practices being adopted throughout higher education, the Board of Directors has unanimously authorized the Foundation to implement a program of pre-employment background checks for all new employees. Following is a brief overview of the process being implemented.

  • The RF will conduct, at its own expense, pre-employment background checks on all prospective Full-Time and Part-Time A employees beginning on or after July 1, 2004, as well as for any current employees who receive a promotion on or after July 1, 2004. For the purpose of these background checks, New Hires are defined as:
  • anyone without previous RF employment history; or
  • previous RF employees who are rehired after a one month break in service.
  • Employees reappointed in existing positions/titles will not be subject to a background check at this time.
  • Part-time B employees will be phased in at a later date.

The RF is contracting with an outside vendor to assist with the background checks. These will be performed by the Client Services department using the prospective employee's name and social security number. If any adverse information is retrieved, the Director of Employment Policy and Practice will review it, and discuss the appropriate hiring decision with the Grant Officer or PI. Prospective employees’ privacy rights are covered under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

A Combined Disclosure Notice and Authorization Regarding Background Consumer Reports form must be signed by every prospective New Hire or promoted employee proposed for employment at the RF. This form will be available on the RF website and will be added to the new hire information kits. In addition, the current RF Application for Employment form already contains a section for applicants to assert whether or not they have ever been convicted of a crime/denied a bond. False representation on the employment application is grounds for dismissal.

The Research Foundation appreciates your cooperation with this new policy.

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