Welcome to the Computer and Mathematics Scholar Support Coalition (CMSSC). This effort, funded by the National Science Foundation, supports events that foster a stronger community among students in the high technology majors of Math, ISM, CS and Communications Technology. In addition, it provides funding for 29 student scholarships of $3,125 per year.


This is the official web page for the CMSSC. Check back regularly for updates on current events. Scholars will also be asked to submit information at this web page after graduation in order for us to maintain contact, provide whatever support we can, and be able to follow the success of our Scholars as they proceed to graduate school or careers in high technology fields.

Students who are ultimately chosen to participate as a Scholar will be invited to attend the weekly Mathematics and C.S. club meetings, "Calcu-lunch" meetings with faculty, attend presentations given by our partners in high technology, receive personal counseling and advisement, and other Scholar activities.