Information for Peer Leaders

The New Student Seminar (NESS 100 ) provides exciting opportunities for York college student peer leaders.

Peer Leaders are hired to facilitate the NESS 100 (College Survival and Success), a seminar to introduce first year students to the College experience. The time commitment for the Peer Leader role includes training in January, participation in the New Student Orientation (January 16), and online and face-to-face meetings throughout the spring semester.The position comes with a stipend as well as professional development and networking opportunities.

NESS 100 Peer Leaders use their positive attitude, exemplary academic work, interpersonal skills, and personal experience to assist first-year students in their transition to university life. Peer leaders pair up with an Academic Liaison and help educate students on topics including campus involvement, time management, critical thinking, campus resources, and more.

Peer leaders will facilitate cohorts of first-year students (CLICs) in a seminar on transitioning to college. This seminar will cover study skills, time management, organization, collaboration strategies, proactive advising, using technological and online resources, goal setting and career planning. The course will also serve as a companion to the Common Reader.


  • Oversee online and face to face meetings of the College survival and Success seminar
  • Read the Common Reader and facilitate class discussion
  • Review all materials for each week
  • Monitor online Q + A board
  • Help students by answering questions and acting as a resource
  • Develop positive relationships with students
  • Make appropriate referrals

Qualifications for position

  • Junior or Senior status; exceptional students with 45-59 credits will also be considered
  • A minimum of one full academic year completed at York College
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0
  • Proficiency in using Blackboard, DegreeWorks, FACT$, and CUNYfirst as a student

Time Commitment

  • Semester basis
  • Mandatory one-day training session (January 14)
  • Mandatory attendance and participation in the New Student Orientation (January 16)
  • Mandatory attendance and participation at Fall Convocation or Spring Symposium (February 14)
  • Attend Title IX and FERPA training
  • Approximately 7 hours per week during the semester
  • Monthly Peer Leader Meetings (February 7, March 12, April 4)
  • Weekly email check-in with Academic Liason
  • Contact with Common Reader Coordinator as needed

What makes a good peer leader?

  • Communication: Do you know when to speak up and when to listen?
  • Team Work: Can you work to accomplish tasks within a group of team members?
  • Leadership & Maturity: Do you take initiative?  Are you a strong peer role model?
  • Critical Thinking: Are you able to see issues from multiple perspectives?
  • Cultural Competency: Are you encouraging and supportive toward others’ cultures, identities, and beliefs?
  • Time Management: Can you appropriately prioritize and balance tasks and time restrictions?


Peer leaders will earn a stipend of $1,000, as well as opportunities for professional development, mentoring, and networking.

Application Process

  • Complete online Peer Leaders Application by Friday, January 4, 2019.
  • Interview with faculty and staff.
  • Attend mandatory training sessions and events.

Program Goals for Peer Leaders

  • To work with the Academic Liaisons in connecting with first-year students
  • To provide new students with the skills and information they need in order to create a smooth transition to college life
  • Giving new undergraduate students the opportunity to meet with other students in their cohorts
  • Providing awareness of campus resources and connections to sponsored campus activities and events
  • To help new students feel an early sense of belonging at York College
  • To facilitate students’ developing a supportive environment.

Benefits of being a Peer Leader

  • Develop relationships with other peer leaders, faculty and staff
  • Boost leadership and interpersonal skills
  • Improve your communication and facilitation skills
  • Practice good time management
  • Improve your career profile-add experience to your resume
  • Gain a fulfilling experience

Peer Leader Training

NESS 100 Peer Leaders will work closely with their Academic Liaisons. Peer Leaders will attend training workshops on Blackboard management. These training sessions will expand upon the spring semester by focusing on the NSO program as well as the Peer Leaders’ role in assisting students in the NESS 100 seminar. New Student Orientation takes place a week prior to the start of classes and Peer Leaders play a vital role in the support and facilitation of the program activities.

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