New Student Seminars

NESS 100, College Survival and Success


Welcome to the New Student Seminar: NESS 100 (College Survival and Success). NESS 100 is designed especially for first-year students to assist them develop skills that will help them successfully transition into the York College community.  

About the Program

The New Student Seminar: NESS 100 (College Survival and Success) provides students with connection and facilitates the transition for first-time college students to the college environment, culture, and routine. Students will receive critical information on college services, policies, and procedures, as well as tools to empower them for a successful tenure as an undergraduate student. In addition, they will participate in a learning community organized along their interests with extensive information on academic programs, challenges, advisement, and potential professional careers. Students will also gain common learning experiences by participating in the Common Reader Program. This program will be delivered online through the College's New Student Seminar: NESS 100. NESS 100 sections are facilitated by York student peer leaders.

The New Student Seminar will have no academic or financial cost to students. The learning community is offered as an online immersion workshop without bearing any academic credits. Being offered as no academic credit immersion workshop it will not incur any financial cost to students. 

The Common Reader Program

The York College Common Reader program is a collaborative initiative of the Office of Academic Affairs and Student Development.  

Each academic year, the college selects a common reader that allows the college community to engage in meaningful discourse around a shared text. For incoming first-year students, this is particularly valuable in easing them into the college experience and helping them feel part of a larger academic community.

Team work makes the dream work

New Student Orientation

As your first introduction to the college experience and to NESS 100, you will meet your fellow incoming students and your peer leaders at the New Student Orientation on January16, 2019!